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A Little Something About Us

This is who we are and how we started taste malta website and what is our aim with this recipe site.

Who we are?

The founder/developer of this website is, Adrian and his full time occupation is a web developer. His great passion for cooking and web development pushed him to work on a new recipe website. He combined his work and his hobby into this amazing food recipe website. His wife, Lauren De Battista, whose her full time job is in the content sector, also gave her big input in content writing throughout the whole website.

How it all started?

It's been 10 years, since Adrian launched his first recipe website Maltese Cook. It's still running and it's one of the best Maltese cooking recipes in Malta. It's more based more on local Maltese cuisine recipes. Then he started introducing more international cusines from around the world. He wanted to do something that combines his job with his hobby which is developing a recipe website.

Our Plans in the Future

Our plans for the future of taste.com.mt is to expand more on visitor visits from around the world and to be the one of the best recipe website in the world.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are here to help you make some good mouth watering recipes from around the world and to have fun cooking.

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