Whip up this steak sandwich family favourite to savour during the week.


  • 6 slices Italian-style sliced bread
  • Olive oil cooking spray
  • 500g beef rump steak
  • 100g mixed salad leaves
  • 1 small red onion, halved, thinly sliced
  • 2 medium tomatoes, cut into thin wedges
  • 425g can baby beetroot, drained, quartered
  • 1/4 cup dijonnaise
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh tarragon


  1. Heat a chargrill pan over medium heat. Spray both sides of bread with oil. Cook bread slices for 1 minute each side or until golden. Tear bread into 4 to 6 pieces.
  2. Spray steak with oil. Season with salt and pepper. Cook steak for 3 to 4 minutes each side for medium or until cooked to your liking. Transfer to a plate. Cover with foil. Rest for 5 minutes. Thinly slice.
  3. Combine bread, steak, salad leaves, onion, tomato and beetroot in a large bowl. Toss to combine.
  4. Make Creamy tarragon dressing Place dijonnaise, tarragon and 2 tablespoons cold water in a screw-top jar. Shake to combine.
  5. Drizzle dijonnaise mixture over salad. Toss gently to combine. Serve.